Would you like to bring ZUZANA: MUSIC IS LIFE to your community? 

TUGG will help you.

Peter and Harriet are also available to discuss their experiences making the film in Prague, and facilitate dialogue and interactive exercises based on the themes of tyranny, political persecution, perseverance, Jewish identity and/or the role music plays in healing, health and life;  all of which are beautifully addressed in the film.

Perfect for -

  • College and graduate level campus-wide screenings and classroom screenings in:

    • 20th Century European Studies

    • Women’s Studies

    • Jewish and Holocaust Studies

    • Political Science

    • Music

    • Art and Music Therapy

    • Journalism, Communications, and Media classes

  • Museums

  • Music schools

  • Historical societies

  • Bach, harpsichord, and other musical societies

  • Jewish Community Centers or other types of community centers

  • Women’s empowerment organizations

  • Czech arts, culture, and identity groups

  • High schools everywhere

Film Length: 83 minutes, Total Program Length: 2 hours.

For more information please email info@zuzanathemovie.com or phone 301 312 8510.

“ZUZANA: MUSIC IS LIFE is brilliant: beautifully constructed, magnetic from the opening scene and a perfect arc of life, history and musical dedication.”

— Murry Sidlin, Conductor, Holocaust Educator, President & Creative Director of The Defiant Requiem Foundation

Together we will craft a program based on ZUZANA: MUSIC IS LIFE, yet specifically tailored and designed to meet your community’s needs and goals. I look forward to talking!
— Kathy Leichter

Thank you for your interest.